Benedict is a much happier fellow today. I don't know what happened for him yesterday. I assume he ate something that didn't make him feel good. Last evening he was out of sorts and let me know a couple of times. I didn't react, we all deserve a bit of slack and it isn't what he's usually like. He still chose to sleep beside me last night.

I tottered out the door just after 7am to join my running group. Fortunately the meeting point wasn't far from home. Before our pre-run strength exercises begun I watched a few snow flakes but that was it. As we ran there was even a bit of sun in my eyes. 

It's been the same as yesterday with Christchurch in the shadow of the peninsula and snow and rain all around us. I've been quite happy to turn my attention to domestic things.

The little green mouse is a favourite of Bene's. He doesn't mind what the colour is, he'll play with them for hours. I'm just pleased to see him happy and chirpy today.

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