Baile-na-Cille, Uig Sands, & aspiring Katie Morag

The Callanish Stones were our first destination on our last day at Baile-na-Cille. Cake for lunch followed at Loch Croistean coffee shop.

On our way back to the house we decided to return to Reef to show the Viking water mills to Jacinda, Julian and Florence.  Although we had been warned that it might be a bit wet underfoot, we managed the path reasonably well – at least at the start. However, Florence’s decision to attempt a rather ambitious jump over a puddle (against her mother’s advice to take a different route) ended rather messily. I managed to catch Florence at the other side of the puddle but then lost my footing. The pair of us toppled over and fell into the bog for a complete soaking. Julian witnessed the whole comical episode: if only he had had his camera ready. Fortunately neither of us were hurt - just extremely dirty.

I took this photo after dinner by which time we bog ladies had bathed and changed out of our filthy clothes.

This is one of a set of backblipped pictures from my summer holiday. The full set is as follows:

Sunday 24th July 2016: Red squirrel at Inshriach nursery
Monday 25th July 2016: Evening light with rainbow on Uig Sands
Tuesday 26th July 2016: A big jump on Reef beach
Wednesday 27th July 2016: Lichen beside Ken’s cave
Thursday 28th July 2016: Baile-na-Cille and Uig Sands with aspiring Katie Morag model
Friday 29th July 2016: Ian Lawson exhibition at An Lanntair
Saturday 30th July 2016: Happy horse wins third prize
Sunday 31st July 2016: Nessie’s brew
Monday 1st August 2016: Sunset over Loch Crinan
Tuesday 2nd August 216: Friendly deer at Skipness
Wednesday 3rd August 2016: Hydrangea at Duntrune Castle gardens
Thursday 4th August 2016: Red roof reflections on the Crinan Canal
Friday 5th August 2016: New whisky bar at the Scottish Malt Whisky Society

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