Learning day by day

By EmmaF

The Bolshoi (part two)

Tennis camp for Will this morning and the start of ballet Summer School for Carys today too. Picked her up at 2pm, home for a quick bath and change into her beautiful swan skirt handmade by Karen at Monkeymoo Designs UK then we headed to London.

We collected a couple more dream Jars before stopping for tea (it was her birthday treat after all) and then went off to Covent Garden to listen to the opera singer.

We then met Karen and her babyballerina under the bridge of aspiration, appropriate I thought, before heading to The Royal Opera House for the second time in ten days or so! This time we were seeing Swan Lake and were lucky enough to have landed on the night that Svetlana Zakharova and Denis Rodkin were dancing. Her excitement and enjoyment of the whole evening was palpable. She rated it as on par with the Lion King, which has always been the best birthday present ever, so I am happy.

Back home she went to bed and sleep quickly. Will was asleep with a fat lip from an accident with the washing line pole during the afternoon, he has a wobbly tooth, which he is convinced was caused by the accident, I am pretty sure it was wobbly before, it is a milk tooth, so not really an issue.

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