Chinese Painted Quail - AOG 11

 Meet one of the unsung heroes of the AOGs;  the quail never compete on principal as it's not in their make-up, but they play their part in the guise of hosts and hostesses and generally make themselves useful doing whatever's necessary in the field of hospitality and entertaining.  This particular little hen is waiting to welcome visitors to the games. :-))

I went out after lunch to Jungle World, about a ten minute drive away, and my intention was to blip the exotic butterflies they keep there.  Last time I went it was early in the day and with hind sight that's what I should have done this time.  The previous occasion within a very short time I'd blipped dozens of the gorgeous creatures but today I only saw two;  one was an Owl Butterfly for the main part brown in colour and the other was obscured by vegetation, so this is the reason the Quail is today's blip. 

These Quail are only about 5" in length and extremely shy and the chicks are only the size of a Bumble Bee;   Jungle World brought them in to keep down spiders which apparently were eating the caterpillars.  Wonderful how nature always levels everything out.

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