Bird drones...

Due to the incident 4 years ago the officials got together this year and decided to deploy a new technology...bird drones. These drones mimic all the natural movements of real birds except have cameras and microphones. 

For those who don't know, 4 years ago Black Op Crows infiltrated the long bird houses (bird dormitories) and added some genetically modified bird seed that year. It made just enough birds ill for those Black Op Crows country to win the medal count. 

This didn't come to light until a Black Op Raven commander was caught eating a little to much fermented berries one day and was overheard loudly squawking some of the details..    

The photo in the upper right was a bird (not at liberty to say which one) at the command center. The upper left bird was just watching a flock of Robins bob bob bobbing along. The lower left bird was just resting after the all you can eat grass competition where it earned a gold medal..

As for the photo on the right? Nobody was really sure what it was or why it was the there but there were rumors of a few sightings of Navy Seals...

Pending tonight's blood test, on Monday I will attempt to be recertified. In the extra is the documents I will take up to Canada on Tuesday

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