Now Let Us Rest and Be Thankful!

The hill pass into Argyll is known as the 'Rest and Be Thankful'; some say it dates from Queen Victoria's trek over the pass in 1875 and that this was her comment when she reached the top. It's as good an explanation as any!

Now that the old road has been resurfaced it's being used again for hill climbs, as it was in days gone by. These days it's usually Classic Car Clubs out for a jaunt rather than serious competition. Today was the turn of the AC Cobra Driver's Club, though Cobras were in the minority. There were a couple of my favourite sports cars there - the Ford GT40 - in immaculate condition. One is shown in my extra picture.

The timed section of the climb is hidden behind the shrubbery - this was the scene when all the cars had reached the top. They then went off to lunch at Inveraray Castle.

More images on Flickr here.

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