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Bowood 2016 #31 (Friday 12th August 2016)

There was another season ticket incident when I returned to Bowood for the first time since 25th July. In the meantime I'd sent customer feedback about it to Bowood House but they hadn't replied. Presented with another queue and asked to sign in yet again I refused and entered without permission. A woman banged on the glass of her closed window as I marched past and I was challenged shortly afterwards by the doorman and asked to return to sign in but I said no, brandishing my valid but unmarked season ticket, and he turned around and left. Why the woman taking the payments also has sole use of the only reader for season tickets when there is someone else in the kiosk apparently doing nothing I can't fathom. Rant over.

I walked down to the Lake and photographed the wildflowers on the edge of the Lake and drifted up to the gardens where I photographed this yellow rose. I bought a slice of gluten free cappuccino cake and a cappuccino coffee to go (using my season ticket to get a 10% discount when applied to the Stables' card reader, proving it was valid) and sat in the Spring Garden to enjoy them.

One or two of you may have noticed that I turned off my comments a few days ago. I have been doing some housekeeping behind the scenes and have purged some 30 names from my Followers list, bringing the total down to 74. None of these were blippers I follow, all were names I had never seen in Comments and most hadn't blipped for three years or more.

I have also temporarily protected my blips. This shouldn't affect my followers as far as I can tell and is for statistical research, to find roughly what percentage of views come from outside Blip, and will be reversed in a few days.

15.8.2016 (1929 hr)

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Lozarhythm Of The Day:
Sandy Denny - Who Knows Where The Time Goes? (recorded for the John Peel Show, 11 September 1973, Langham Studio 1)
Written while she was in the Strawbs this lovely song is extremely difficult to sing as many lesser singers have proved, but Sandy Denny never sang it the same way twice without ever losing its beauty, as this later solo revisit amply demonstrates. The CD Sandy Denny - The Best Of The BBC Recordings arrived in the post on this day.

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