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Smokey 0859 hr (Saturday 12th August 2017)

Front Yard Overlord.
In other news, the pigeon chicks from the plum tree have fledged (see Extra - pigeons picture taken Friday 11th)

13.8.2017 (1040 hr)

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Lozarhythm Of The Day:
Kenny Rogers & The First Edition - Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In) (1968)
Before they became a country outfit, Kenny Rogers and First Edition put out this anti-LSD song written by Mickey Newbury (of American Trilogy fame). It had first been recorded by Teddy Hill and the Southern Soul in Nashville TN and then by Jerry Lee Lewis later in 1967, but this first psychedelic version was the single that everyone remembers.
Mickey Newbury included his own version in 1968 on an album of his songs that had been hits for other people, produced by Elvis Presley producer Felton Jarvis, Harlequin Melodies, but later more or less disowned it and recorded Just Dropped In again several times in later years.
Speaking of the song he said, "I wrote this song one night after waking up in hell." In the sixties when he didn't have enough gas money to make a gig in another town he would jump a freight train and ride for free. Once, when near Beaumont, he fell while jumping a freight car, fractured his back and came to in hospital. The night's experience when he was in excruciating pain , despite being given large doses of pain killers and hallucinating, led to writing Just Dropped In.
More recently it was covered by Supergrass. The First Edition version, inspired by the Beatles and others, featured studio effects and trippy backward guitars played by the late Glen Campbell.

One year ago:
Bowood 2016 #31

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