Leo made his way through all 6 books and completed hi summer reading challenge - he beat me in the end:)

The day didn't start too well as we had an early food shop delivery and as I went to put some stuff away in the fridge freezer in the garage, I discovered he'd switched it off instead of his electric scooter! So had to have a but of a cull of stuff from there that looked to dodgy to eat or refreeze!

It was all the up after that and Leo had a great day. He was excited to find out he is now tall enough to use the exercise bike so pedalled along during some iPAD time. Then we visited the library were he got his medal etc and got to move his name marker over the finish line. Then he spent the day at the Bowls Club for the Presiden's Celebration Day. He played and won lots of bowls games and then won lots of prizes in the tombola and raffle as well as winning a huge jar of sweets by guessing the number inside - just one out! See extra for the goodie pile! I think he spent a fair sum from grandma on tickets but I as all in a very good cause - the Devon Air Ambulance.

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