Home Show

We had a lovely time wandering around the Home Show at the Exhibition Centre this afternoon. It was crazy busy when we got there, but thinned out somewhat later on.

Little Miss amused herself collecting free stuff. We were fortunate to get this lovely bottle of wine and a wine decanter, which I am sure we'll enjoy. Not Little Miss, of course! She'll have to content herself with her lollies and popcorn!

We're still looking at kitchens but there wasn't a whole lot that caught our attention in that department. We're looking for an interior designer to give us some tips for our kitchen/living area and there was no-one there who could help us. If anyone knows of a good designer in the north western area of Melbourne, we'd love to hear about them!

Home to wet washing (it's been raining) and a chilly house. Mr B, Cousteau and I sat on the deck and watched the rain and the birds for a while and then went for a soggy walk.

Now, getting ready for the week ahead and generally relaxing.

Night all.


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