Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Island interment

Today I sang in a concert to commemorate the life's work of Kenneth Elliott, who died last year. The quartet with which I sing, The St Maura Singers, has since its inception in 1969 sung pieces from Musica Britannica XV Music of Scotland - music of the Scottish court researched and arranged for performance by Kenneth. When we were students, we visited his house to sing "his" music and drink wine, and today we sang it again for him in the Cathedral of The Isles, Cumbrae, before his ashes were interred in the graveyard there. The prayers over the grave were made by Alastair Chisholm, the organist, our tenor, who had been a good friend of Kenneth's, and other friends and former colleagues and musicians stood round in mercifully gentle rain after the concert - which had been punctuated by rolls of thunder.

Not much of a photo - hard to hold an umbrella, point a phone and be discreet - but a small record of a memorable day.

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