Thanks for all your get well wishes. Must just have been generally out of sorts on Sunday.

But forget about that as we had had a bigger catastrophe! My mum has only gone and washed Leo's ECFC shirt, which he had signed by all the players on his Train With the Players Day!!!

I was in work for the day, Leo was out at goalie and striker training and as it was such a lovely sunny day my mum thought she'd whizz around and wash everything she could get her hands on! Unfortunately Leo's shirt was out on his seat in his bedroom as he was considering where he'd like to display it. It is now beautifully clean but signature less!

He has actually been very sweet and came and told me when he found it in his drawer as he didn't want to upset Grandma. Then when he told her he gave her loads of hugs and told her not to feel guilty! Luckily the club are good about signing shirts so we could pop it into the club for signing, but at the moment Leo is saying he wants to go and train with them again next year and get the signatures all over again. I think getting the signatures personally was a big bit of the fun!

Let's hope Tuesday passes by without incident.

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