The Artist's Eye

By ArtistAnnie

Taking Off

This flicker was kind enough to settle beneath one of our suet feeders long enough for me to get my camera and catch him as he took off to sample the suet. They are such beautiful birds.

Today was a much better day for Arvin. He is almost completely himself as he was before I took the week off earlier this month. What a relief. My cold alas is still very annoying and I am still coughing a lot.

Arvin and I got up very late and had a relaxed breakfast before calling Helena about our day. Nora, my sister-in-law, texted an invitation to dinner so our evening was settled. We had some shopping to do, especially some cough medicine, so we picked up Helena and did our shopping. Then we had lunch and watched our DVD of one of our favorite movies called "Duma." Yes. That is the source of our cat's name. It means cheetah in Swahili. The movie is about a young South African boy who rescues a cheetah cub with his father. It is a coming of age movie and a wonderful animal movie too.

After the movie we drove down to Dave and Nora's and had dinner with them and our good friends Rick and Judy. We had some great conversation particularly about our travels together. We left at 8:00 and took H home on the way. We were both so tired we went right to bed when we got home. I'm there now typing this blip on my laptop.

Tomorrow will be a more normal day I think. Arvin seems quite ready to return to his Adult Day Health group and I am ready for a day to myself. It's been a long and scary week. I am so glad that Arvin's symptoms were from an infection and not from the advance of his Alzheimer's. I feel like we have a reprieve and more time to share our lives together. Phew! Thanks for all your kind words and support during this last week. They really help and make a difference. I didn't have much time to comment but your kind thoughts helped me a lot.

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