What Big Ears You Have

We needed a rest today. My cold was a bit worse due to the lack of sleep yesterday and Arvin was pretty tired. We gathered enough energy to go to the barbecue at Kathi's and Joe's for the Alzheimer's gang but we had to pass on an evening party that I was looking forward to. We just couldn't do it all. 

The really great news is that Arvin is significantly better since taking the antibiotic. He lasted awhile at the party and had a good time with his buddies. And we both took a walk around the neighborhood when we got back home. This deer was in our garden and then he bounded off with his sibling through the neighbor's garden and we tried to follow them. We then took a short walk down the alley and around the block. The rest of the evening was quiet and we got some down time we sorely needed. Tomorrow we have no plans and that is just fine with me.

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