Near Miss

So I must confess that the jays are my form of emergency blip. Weather permitting and bird greed in full form, they are there for the photographing with a small bribe, just peanuts actually. And so it was today.

But before that... I think i mentioned that Arvin was not firing on all cylinders last night. It was really hard to get him to bed as his sense of balance was almost completely gone. But we managed. I couldn't sleep worrying about the implications of this. Then he began to shiver and I got even more worried so I called 911. My friend Janet always talks about how wonderful those nice (sexy) firemen are. (Oops did I say that out loud?) Well they were indeed nice. I won't comment on the other point but it was good to have help at hand. They checked Arvin out and found he had 100.9 F fever, but everything else was fine. They suggested I give him two acetaminophen and call the doctor in the morning. They took off after I had given Arvin the medicine and he began to settle and soon was asleep. Soon I was too. One thing about the fitbit, you know how much sleep you get - 3 hours and 23 minutes last night.

So I called and we trotted the urine sample over that I had gotten yesterday. (Too much information probably...) We had breakfast and took a nap (1 hour for me) and then talked to the nurse who said they would call when they knew if he had a UTI. It took awhile but they did and said it was inconclusive but let's give him an antibiotic anyhow. So we went out, picked up Helena and got the meds. I gave Arvin some when we got home. By the evening he seemed to be perking up with just the one dose. And tonight he was pretty stable in his balance. Phew!

We also went to Apria and got the four wheel walker the doctor recommended. It happens to be the same color as our car so I told Arvin he had the sport model and we both laughed. I'm glad we have it because I do think it will come in handy.

After dinner and ice cream for desert we took Helena home and watched a couple of old episodes of Rosemary and Thyme. I am feeling so much better about things. I do think Arvin has some kind of infection and that the antibiotic is helping already. Thank goodness! 

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