Where's Annie

The movers arrived early this morning and stayed for three hours packing up dishes, glasses, fragile stuff and the hifi and TV. They ran out of packing paper even with the bunch I had left. Turns out with all the downsizing, I still have a lot of stuff! Sigh. While they worked I did too; and when they left, I drove a big load to the condo and unloaded. Then I put up the pictures in the "cat room," otherwise known as my bedroom. 

I have quite a few pieces of original art that feature some of our former cats. So I made an homage to them in our bedroom. i like the art as well. Some is by our good friend Tricia Kittredge, and some is by Sueellen Ross, who went to the same high school I did. Quite a few years ago I sent her some photos of our kitties and she created wonderful settings and painted them. I have a couple of the originals. She also paints birds and wildlife.

The new house is looking great and is waiting with bated breath for the movers to arrive. I've cleared spaces for the furniture and hung those pictures I could without the furniture in place. The huge pile of boxes will most likely end up in the garage. Already my car is surely not going in there until I get some unpacking done.

My old house looks and feels like a tornado flew through. Given the recent storm in the Houston area, that may not be the best way to describe it. (I hope all of you blippers in that area are okay and your homes are safe and sound.)

Tomorrow I will be traffic cop, making sure the guys don't move any of the "staying here" stuff to the condo, and that they get everything. I already know I'll be back here in the old house at least once to pick up the stuff I just didn't get to. My study and my desk top computer are right on the top of that list. So Tuesday I'll be doing lots of schlepping, and hopefully some putting things away too.

So far it's been a really big job. Mostly I've enjoyed the hard work. It makes me feel younger than I am and fit. I'm walking many steps each day and every one of them is not from a "walk" I took somewhere. It's all just walking around getting things packed, unpacked, moved, set up, tagged with bright red for "go" and blue for "stay." I am glad I'm doing this now. Not sure I could handle it five or ten years from now.

Thanks for stopping by considering that I hardly get to check out anybody's journals these days. That should change once the dust settles (litterally) and I can just sit and relax for awhile.

Oh and the photo is a selfie, hence the title.

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