MonoMonday136 (MM136) ......

 ...... a SIGHT that never fails to make me smile - Mister Whisper the Happy Dog.

Love the expression on his face and it sums his personality up completely.  (and I even got a bonus bug (a mosquito when I zoomed in) on his tail!!)

A larger Whisper looks more cheeky.
He is the third rescue dog that we've had that didn't know how to play - however he has the attention span of an adolescent flea - and four or five throws and retrieves of a ball seem to be enough.  He will then chase it and just come back empty-mouthed.

Thanks to JDO for hosting the challenge again this week.

Also thanks for the comments, stars and hearts in my journal even though I am totally rubbish at commenting at the moment.

~ Anni ~

FlowerFriday2 (FF2) - reminder for this week  - the optional "twist" is ....   HUMOUR/HUMOR

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