Collared This Dove On The Chimney

I was out with the camera quite early as it was a beautiful morning. I'd just shot this collared dove on the boiler house chimney when I received a frantic call from my daughter. My grandson had fainted and hit his head. I rushed over and fortunately he was not concussed but running a high temperature. I spent the rest of the morning in Nursie mode. My normal modus operandi in such situations is to sponge the patient down with a cold flannel. It seemed wrong now that he is a strapping eighteen-year-old. I plied him with paracetamol and iced water instead. 

Shot into Epping after lunch and then to RJs who are going to change the oil in the gearbox of my S, bless them. No time for togging so my dove has to be my emergency blip. :)

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