Capital adventures

By marchmont

Houdini cat

Came down this morning to find Molly had broken through the locked cat flap. I don't know what to do. My lovely but elderly neighbour with dementia has hijacked the cat. This has been going on for over a year but has been worse over the summer. She let's the cat in. She doesn't throw the cat out. She's lonely and Molly is in cat heaven, comfy chair, electric fire, doting lady and probably food. So now every evening I have to go round and reclaim my cat.

I wrote a note with my phone number in it. Her niece replied but no contact details. Now another note saying no more notes but still no contact details. Why doesn't she may phone me? I'm never in when she comes round. And she spells my name wrong. So now I have to put through a 3rd note asking her to phone me. Has the woman no sense?

Somehow the family have to stop M letting Molly in. Tonight I had to play 'chase the cat' up the street and now the kitchen is barricaded like Fort Knox. You can guess this is stressing me. Added to that in the one having to deal with all the issues at the Manor.

It may only be 9 but I'm off to bed. Maybe a good night's sleep will help. (Work was ok today. Sorted out loads of files).

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