Life through the lens...

By ValC

The joiner.

But no ordinary joiner.
This is a craftsman. When I asked if I could take some photos, he said " It isn't very tidy."
I replied, " No, it's just how it should be."
In the collage you can see the finished seat he has made. A copy of one which was in a local church yard, and had fallen to bits with age.
It fits round a tree.
Behind it was a huge five bared gate.
Every thing here is a one off. Made to measure.
Which is how he replaced one of our sash windows a few weeks ago.
We are so lucky to have found such a craftsman. Local, and doesn't charge an arm and a leg either.
The reason for our visit was to see if he could replace the glass in another sash window, which was damaged by our decorator when he fell off his ladder. ( Fortunately he wasn't badly hurt, only the window.)
Of course he said " Yes" but may be a week or so as he is so busy.
We are quite prepared to wait.
Can't believe the window didn't smash as the glass is very old, and quite thin.
Oh and the decorator is paying.

I hope you like this in sepia, as I thought it suited the picture.

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