Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Meet Number 47

In January,  I set out to photograph as many different yard-birds as possible this year.  My goal was to photograph at least 50 and this wonderful visitor makes 47.  This is a red-breaasted nuthatch (looks much like the European nuthatch, I think) and it is the first one I've seen in the yard since fall of 2012, following "Superstorm Sandy".  When I looked out and saw it at my bird bath, I had to do a double take.  To my delight, it stayed around, visiting both the thistle and seed feeders on the clothesline.  Made today's choice for a blip very easy.  This brings my total yard count (not all photographed) to 67 for the year - not a bad year count.

Counted five hummers in the garden today, including a few that I know are new, based on the neck feathers.  Also had a Snowberry clearwing moth, first I've seen in at least 3 weeks.  I posted four pics, starting with another shot of the nuthatch and followed by hummers and the clearwing - starting HERE on Flickr.

Thank you for all the lovely anniversary wishes yesterday..  Hubs and I had a lovely dinner at a local spot - weather was nice enough to sit outside on their patio, which was nice.  Decided that we'll keep each other for the next 16 years, with an option to renew.  

Forgot to mention that five more of my chrysalids became monarchs yesterday.  I released 3 yesterday but kept the last two in the enclosure overnight since they eclosed pretty late in the day.  I released them onto a lantana bush this morning where they both sat for awhile, warming up before taking off.  Both females.  Looks like two more should emerge tomorrow, and all the cats in the nurseries are busy eating and pooping and growing.  Total released thus far is 42.

Planning to grill some salmon tonight and chill out.  Both of us are having allergy symptoms at the moment, probably resulting from the changes in barometric pressure as Hurricane Hermine makes its way north.  

As you may know, I'm hosting Tiny Tuesday this month, so this is an advance reminder to tag your tiny photos TT67.  Fittingly, I've asked the Tinies to help me review the entries - they are beside themselves with excitement.


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