Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Out for a tiny walk

Monique and all the other Tinies are so excited about hosting TinyTuesday this month on Blipfoto!  They all begged to be featured in today's Blip, but I had to go with Monique since I caught her in an unguarded moment as she was enjoying a chat with Chappy Caterpillar.  I'm sure some of the Tiny People would be terrified to walk with a giant caterpillar, but not Monique - she is made of surprisingly stern stuff.  Actually, she just met Chappy today - luckily I was on hand to capture the historic meeting between the two

Just a reminder that this week's TinyTuesday entries should be tagged TT67 so we can find you.  This is my first time hosting TT, so go easy on me, okay?

One more shot from the day - a young male hummingbird, hovering.  The red-breasted nuthatch is still around and the yard is abuzz with baby house finches, goldfinches and cardinals...and lots of beleaguered parents.  

Happy Sunday, people.


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