Footie as the sun goes down

Leo's goalie training takes place in a lovely spot to watch the sun going down. Sadly, I reckon we'll soon be watching in the dark as the evenings are closing in. They are on a battle against the clock because the floodlights they installed a few weeks back are not working and they have to dig up one of the playgrounds to get it sorted!

Leo had a reading test and has moved up a few levels so on the one hand he was very happy but on the other hand was bemoaning the fact that the books he has to read are now much longer :)

I had to visit the opticians as I have been having eye trouble. Yuck alert - so don't read if you are squeamish- but it turns out my eyes have become really dry and one eyeball is getting stuck at the back wall of the eye and is tearing when I blink. I can't see too much out of that one at the moment as it is all inflamed whilst it tries to heal. I now have some drops and have been told to flood it in order to see if that helps. So not much fun but I am relieved it isn't anything serious.

I don't know - I am a real old croc lately what with one thing and another. Must be due an ailment free run now :)

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