Don't look down!

We popped out to Taunton, intending to only be out for about an hour since I felt really rough. After having no hayfever all this summer I awoke and appeared to have a full season's worth today. My face was all swollen up and I could hardly open my eyes. Needless to say our first stop was a chemist for some allergy stuff which soon worked its magic and made me feel more human. I kept my shades firmly on all day though, so as not to frighten the locals with my puffiness, I think I'll be in bed soon - the allergy stuff works a treat but also knocks me out - they are not kidding when they say it causes drowsiness.

As we headed back to the car I spotted a park that I nagged my two reluctant chaps to visit - I thought it would be good for a few steps and I was intrigued by the Victorian looking gates. We ended up spending hours there and they admitted that my obsession with exploring new places and getting steps in could be useful! We had happened across Vivary Park, which as well as having lovely parkland to explore is also home to a golf course and an adventure and high ropes centre. So Leo and Ian had a round of mini golf and also checked out the 18 hole course ready to visit in the future. Then Leo pleaded to try out the high ropes. He is scared of heights so we were unsure if he would be able to do it. He did get a bit upset part way around the first time but stuck with it and made it around with lots of encouragement. He practically skipped around the second time. He is so proud of himself now - it is lovely to see. I think he'll be much more confident about future climbing and stuff like this now.

We will definitely have to visit again as the parkland is lovely too - some great fountains and pretty flowerbeds, and there was a great band playing in the bandstand.

So it was a great day, following a rotten start :)

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