WideAngle Wednesday - Taking down the exhibition

Another busy day, including taking my Dad to look at powered wheelchairs to help him regain more independence (no definite decisions yet but they do look very enticing!).

Then this afternoon we were dismantling our local (Gosforth) Camera Club exhibition at Newcastle Central Library. 5 Minutes after this shot was taken these were all down. They were held on by plastic cable clips, so it was just a case of snipping the clips. One of my colleagues had a little accident early on, as the frames were hung back-to-back and in one or two cases they were sharing the same cable clips...whoops, CRASH! - one broken frame! We were all more careful after that... :-)

The exhibition seems to have gone down well: the library staff were very helpful indeed, and they reported to us that there had been a lot of complimentary comments over the 13 days it's been up.

One of my photos is on the panel in this blip - the highest one on the right segment of the screen - entitled "Concentration" -the driver of an old steam bus at Beamish open-air Museum.

Many thanks once more to Bobsblips for hosting Widwed again - and for giving us a free choice as to what to photograph.

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