A Day Worth Recording

By Cheeseminer


Today marks the end of the 'tennis court' terraforming, bar the lawn which will follow later.  It's rather satisfying to be returning a rectangular lawn to this area; echoing the history of croquet and tennis lawns here.

I've just had a search for a 'before' picture but we don't seem to have a suitable one - mainly because that would just have been a faceful of laurel from wherever we stood.

Barring the garden railway foundation, quite a lot of this is recycled. The path is using the stone chippings previously covering the paving in the courtyard; the seating was previously tree No.4; the patio made from slabs found in and round the garage, the wall behind it built from bricks dug out of the garden; the far path is sawdust and chippings from carving and fellings; the Malvern stone walls from various piles of stone from around the garden and, of course, the railway sleeper wall.

Plenty still to do, but nice to see the 'blank canvas' now prepared.

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