Birthday cake

Following on from last night's family dinner at ours (requested by J to be the same Chinese takeaway meal from the same restaurant as we used for family birthdays when she was young), she invited family and friends to join her at hers for afternoon birthday cake today. The cake was baked by S, and decorated by daughter C; again in response to a strong guide by J as to what colours and brightness she wanted. A truly magnificent birthday cake which was thoroughly enjoyed by all the small persons who were also there. 

Her birthday plans included a pause after the afternoon gathering before a party this evening. We left the younger persons there, and came back to the apartment. I have just finished watching a really frenetic game of rugby between New Zealand and Argentina. Eventually won clearly by NZ 57 to 22; it had been 24 - 22 until the Argentina defence was suddenly broken open with NZ scoring five more tries before the game ended. 

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