Up a big hill

A good night's sleep for all last night and a fairly leisurely get up before Bailey had a couple of trips outside and we headed down for breakfast. As good as our meal last night and plenty to put us on until we'd walked and found another pub for a late lunch / early tea. The rain came on as we left the village but we'd already decided to head to Bakewell for an hour before we started our walk. Purchases made, including Bakewell tarts of course and Bailey charmed the inhabitants, particularly one lady who had to come and say hello because she had recently lost her own border who had made it to the ripe old age of 16. He had the same colouring as Bailey apparently and she was definitely teary eyed as she said goodbye. 

A change of plan on the walking front as the bestest friend's blister was very definitely of the angry variety. New plasters were required and were purchased to the sound of bells - not from the church but from the morris dancers who were in the store in Castleton buying their elevenses. We didn't ever see them actually dance but were followed around the place on arrival and departure by the sound of their costumes. 

We did walk a relatively sedate 5 miles or so, although we might dispute the 'not strenuous' definition of the first mile or so which was straight up a stony path in a gorge with Peveril Castle looking down on us. Not the greatest day light-wise for photos, but the zigzag of this wall provided an opportunity. We looped back to Castleton for our (very) late lunch / (fairly) early tea in the second Bull's Head (still no apostrophe) of the trip before heading back to the car and home. Bailey slept some of the way but having had his tea he has been fast asleep on the landing ever since. I'll sleep well myself, I reckon, thanks to lots of fresh air, lovely food and beer, a good walk and time spent with the bestest friend - and Bailey too, of course. 

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