Clix : Aperture Wide Shut

By clix

Not Phil Jupitus

5 a.m. start this morning to go on a conference call that wasn't there.


Tired and coffee was no cure.

Took some time out in the afternoon to walk across the Festival hot spots in the wonderful sunshine.

And between so many people plying their trade I came across a group made up as ladies from the war and they were singing a number from their show. And what a number. Wow! What voices. If you're interested it's "The Picture House" and from what little I saw and heard it looks definitely worth it.

After the Royal Mile I headed down to George Square with a newspaper.

Catching some rays by the purple cow and "ahem". It was Phil Jupitus squeezing by. I thought I looked rough and I had been up since 5am! Then again, I couldn't see a mirror and quite possibly he was thinking the same about me. He grunted. I grunted. And he squashed on by.

A seat magically became available and faster than light I settled into it and started perusing my paper in the sunshine.

Then two women who are putting on a show called "Leads & Stern" came and chatted to the woman sitting across from me. I had seen them earlier passing out flyers and being very charming promoting their show. They did their promotion effortlessly and expertly. I think they should do well.

As they got up to head off I put my paper down and started chatting with the woman opposite. It turns out she is doing a show and her name is Kerry Gilbert. She's had good reviews and we chatted for a while. Her Dad was with her, Kevin. "She never even changed my name for her act" he said. No names changed to spare the guilty it seems. I haven't seen her show but she was really switched on and witty so it would be good to get the chance. She said she was on at "Just the Tonic" which must be some new venue. I think she said it was the caves which is a name I know for a change. Must mean it's the old fashioned name.

Fingers crossed for her. It's cut throat out there. (Are too many people watching the Olympics instead?)

PS. If you want to support the real Fringe don't go to the acts that have made it big already head to see something new like The Picture House, Leads & Stern or Kerry Gilbert.

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