Coffee, anyone?

Both my husband's father and my mother's mother come from the North-East provinces of The Netherlands and this kind of pewter coffee urn with tap and burner traditionally comes from there and is called a 'kraantjespot' or 'kraantjeskan' (translation 'tap urn/pot'). My mother has one at her home and this one in my Blip belonged to my parents-in-law. I can't remember my grandparents actually using theirs, but urns like these certainly were used long before other coffee makers came into use. The Netherlands became the biggest importers of coffee in Europe in the 17th century.The eldest one in a Dutch museum is dated around 1711, the eldest mention of such an urn in a Dutch will was from 1690. The one you see over here is most certainly not as old as that nor in any way precious except as a family keepsake :-) All of this to remind you that tomorrow's MonoMonday theme is 'traditional' and its tag MM138, I'm already looking forward to the many interpretations possible :-)

Thank you very much for your kind comments, stars and even a couple of faves for yesterday's roses :-)

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