Forth Bridges

We were all up relatively early today.  I went for a run/walk (walking up the hills!).  it was a lovely morning and the views all around were great, unfortunately I got wet feet as the grass was quite long in places and it was wet.  Once home I had chores to do.  The boys came back from church late morning, and BB showed me a new (to him) pair pf football boots.  A friend’s son has grown so quickly that he has hardly worn them – so they are pretty new.  Unfortunately BB discovered that they are two different sizes, which makes me think his dad picked up an old one and a new one!

After lunch we headed to Dalkeith Country park  It was so busy, but BB enjoyed playing in the new fort area.  We then went for a walk round the grounds, and seemed to follow every walking route available!  I may go back by myself to check out the new shop, which had some fabulous things, that I just didn’t have time to look at.

TT is now making a chicken curry for tea and BB is practising his cello.  He has also done his reading homework, having read half to me and half to TT.  I may have to read the book myself to understand what it is all about.

I have some work to do later, and may even get round to making the cake I have been threatening to make all weekend.

Here is a view to the Forth Bridges from my run/walk.  You can just see the rail bridge and the new bridge away in the distance


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