Snug as a bug in a rug

If you have any common sense, you will not understand a word of this post. You need to be one of us Brits born in the 50's, early 60's to stand a chance.)

Hi-di-Hi! Good Morning Campers.No sign of any Yellowcoats, not even an Hawaiian Ballroom to be seen on the field used as a car park by the visitors to the village lakes (ex quarry pits). It gets very busy with the type of weather we are having and some stay overnight.

On Flash and my breakfast walk we spotted this vehicle which had obviously been here for the night. I am sure it started life as an ambulance and has now been converted to a mobile home complete with awning on the side.

Just yesterday MrsB who is on a caravan holiday in other parts of Germany sent a photo of a sign in a caravan window with the saying:

             "Camping is the point at which mankind perceives
               his own squalidness as  recreation" 

Back home pottered around briefly before the heat ceased activity for the day and pool, sun loungers and sofas were the order of the day and without any Knobbly Knees competitions or camp host destroying our snoozes.

Then at about 6:00pm the phone rang, Heidi & Sepp our ex neighbours were in the area and would be here in 15 minutes. Threw myself in the pool to try and get the blood back to the brain. We weren't prepared with food and drink but still had a good hour or two catching up on news. Heidi & Sepp were dairy farmers when we first met them but changed to a wood/forest based service business. Back in 1995, I had helped Sepp build a then relatively new central heating form - woodchip - for his home and this developed in to chipping timber  for others and so it grew. The two of them were our rural mentors and Sepp taught me everything I know about agricultural matters. (Heidi everything else about life!)

It was very dark when they left, Angie dashed out to feed the horses who had been waiting for 3 hours for their evening feed when she heard a strange voice at the front of the house. "A black horse is out on the road"

Panic ensued but luckily the person had put on his warning lights and had managed to stop other vehicles. Angie luckily found her very quickly still grazing on the road edge not even bothering to go on to a field - there are no hedges or fences to stop her. Boy was that a close call.

Turned out she had got fed up with waiting and as often happens in autumn , was unhappy about the grass on offer and  had demolished a part of a temporary non electrified, electric fence and gone walkabout, the front drive gate having been opened to let in/out Sepp and Heidi.

Panic over, horses fed and Angie went out over the fields for a night time walk with the dogs.

Note for myself: If the Chevening experiment doesn't work, it may be an idea to scrap the three posts of the resident ministers and stick their salaries in to the NHS.Alternatively turn it in to a Maplins clinic for Brexentia and Brexheimers  sufferers, where they could remember the days when Britain never had (what it never had) so good and pyjamas always had stripes!

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