Getting ready for war

I have just been up into the loft, to find our 1940s weekend bits and pieces. Most years we have joined many other people at Sheringham, Holt and Weybourne stations, in full 1940s costume, for a day or weekend of basking in the past. On the Poppy Line in North Norfolk, this event has become hugely popular since the first time I visited, about 10 years ago. Nowadays, more dress up than don't. Over the years, I have dressed up my small children, complete with fake gas mask bags and evacuee tags! As time went on, one by one they chose not to dress up. Last year, however, Mollie rejoined us in dressing as a landgirl. This year, she will be working, but had already told me she didn't want to dress up. Henry is not working so doesn't have that excuse - however he doesn't want to join in either. He said it's because he knows people 'up here' now!

I dont think Jon is overly keen...but daren't say he wont join me. At least in civilian dress - although he does have a very smart RAF uniform! I will be in the same dress as I always wear. Well, there is a war on! I love this weekend. I think it is the highlight of my North Norfolk year!

So my basket, my hat, bag, gas mask and fur stole have all been located so far.

The rest of the day has been as normal. Headaches, work, and a bit in the garden. The hornet exterminator has been. Really hoping it was £41 well spent. Mollie cooked a nice curry for tea.

Think I'll try for an early night, because I really struggled to get up this morning.

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