a lifetime burning

By Sheol


"With a growing sense of dread
And a hammer in my head
Fully clothed upon the bed
I wake up to the world that lately I've been living in
There's a cut upon my brow
Must have banged myself somehow
But I can't remember now
And the front door's open wide
Lately I've let things slide

I go to the bin, I throw the laundry in
And pick out the cleanest shirt
Then I tell myself again I don't really hurt

Smoking I once quit
Now I got one lit I just fell back into it
Along with my pride
Lately I've let things slide

I go to the bin, I throw the laundry in
Dig out the cleanest shirt
When all at once I'm seized again by exquisite hurt

That untouched takeaway
I brought home the other day
Has quite a lot to say
The evidence is clear on every side, piled high and wide
About how lately I've, let things slide

I'm just about holding on
But lately I've let things slide"

Nick Lowe ~ Lately I've let things slide

I'm pleased to say that this is not autobiographical, at least, not currently!  

I do like a nicely crafted lyric with a little humour, and Nick Lowe writes some great songs. Casting around for something to blip I saw the brass slide that I use for playing slide guitar and then the Nick Lowe song came to mind - EB problem sorted! 

I'm sure you know how this was done, but just in case anyone is wondering, I've taken the shot, then produced two versions, one mono one colour.  The mono version was overlayed over the colour version and I then cut out the slide element from the mono version so that the colour of the slide was able to come through.

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