Robert Ostrochovsky

By youoregon1

Fallen Homestead

We are still winding through central Oregon which is primarily desert and high altitude. We drove for three hours in countryside like this and I made a quick turnaround to capture this fallen beauty. An incredible snapshot of the Wild West.
The extra depicts a mountain hillside devastated by wildfires a few years ago near the city known as John Day. This scene continued for about fifteen to twenty miles. All across the west, there have always been fires. But due to the dry years of the recent past, many areas are burning like this.

I finally got through the abstracts from last week, today! Sorry for some late catch-ups. Tomorrow's Abstract Thursday theme is "The Fall". Explained here in my last abstract .
I've commented even less than usual because of our little vacation, and that means hardly at all. Thank you for checking in though :) !
"The Fall" of your choice should be tagged AT65. And can be interpreted any way you want.

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