twinned with trumpton

By misterft

A day in the office; get out the bunting and the flags. 
In early; it was a surprisingly productive day. Even with the gaffer in. 

So I hooked up with Al at lunchtime; we did a gentle loop down Holyrood Road and up Calton Road; chatting away about Bill, Al's new hoose (hopefully) and general nonsense. 

In the afternoon half of the 3rd floor lost all comms so she came and sat next to me for the afternoon; which was weird. 

We left 1730; back to hers and watched crap TV, devised a plan for the next week or so (Cumbernauld, anyone? Linlithgow? North Berwick?)

A peaceful few hours; I left at 9 and encountered a speeding motorist who refused to accept he was in the wrong and that by not wearing a helmet on my bike (not a legal requirement last time I looked) he somehow had the moral high ground. Hey ho....

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