Nicky and her Nikon

By NickyR

After the harvest

There were no rugby matches at school today as it is an exeat weekend. Instead, Thomas and many of his friends are going to their first 16th birthday party tonight - I dropped Thomas at his friend's house and then they were all going to the party later on. I passed this farmer's field on the way home again, and noticed this field that has been harvested and ready for the next season again. It's a quiet and gentle view, and I found it rather calming.

Thank you for the kind thoughts and wishes about my mother. It is all very upsetting - getting old and dying is an inevitable part of life, but its horrible when one's own loved parent gets so ill and frail. Gavin and I spent last night and this morning rearranging diaries and booking flights - he left for Singapore today, but has managed to change his flight so he comes home a day earlier and we are both flying to South Africa on Thursday night so we will be with my mother on Friday morning. We will only stay the weekend as Gavin has to be at work for something very important on Monday morning - but we are going back again on the 16th of October.

Not being home next weekend is a little tricky as both boys are going back to university and for those who have been through this you know how much organisation and packing that involves. This problem has been made worse by them not being home in the week leading up to this. Luke left home today to go on holiday with a large group of his university friends, and when he gets back he will need to get himself unpacked, laundry done and packed again for university. The same applies to Adam, who is also away all of next week. It sounds like a simple thing to do but it will be a miracle if they can do all this and go off and not forget to pack something important!

I am trying to do as much as possible for them before I leave, sorting out their bedding, kitchen things and general stuff that they need for uni. I have a list of things to do next week before I go and so far there are 15 things to do....and its growing!

I have a quiet evening by myself, I think I will watch something light hearted on TV

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