Granny Click Click!

By Yana1

Just my cup of coffee.....

After all of the activity over the past few weeks and days I seem to be back to not sleeping how better to use the time than to play around with some of my new toys!

I have been experimenting with a few apps....this image was processed using a free app which isn't really free as you have to pay for the effects if you want to keep them....still I liked adding Mr. Yana1 to a cup of coffee but decided not to keep the app!

I have been trying out the drawing app with my new Apple Pencil and it seems quite good...if only I could actually draw!

I'm very pleased with my new MacBook Pro and astounded at how easy it was to transfer everything (and I mean everything) from one Mac to re-installing software and everything looks exactly the same on the new Mac. I couldn't use the backup I had so just used WiFi to transfer stuff using the migration assistant....easy peasy and quick too....

I had to enter a few passwords in again but apart from that everything worked as it should....

I think it's time for sleep now!

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