Today, I have been, once again, working on the kitchen window.  This window was worked upon by the builders, who built a new wall outside, into which the window frame was fitted.  However, when they removed the window from the original solid cottage wall, they also removed part of the supporting structure across the top of the window opening.  As a result of this, the aperture was effectively unsafe and I, together with my granddaughter, conducted a temporary repair to make it safe.  This repair could have been permanent, but the steelwork for the support projected slightly beyond the wall surface.  Yesterday I fitted a steel support on the outside of the original wall, inside the cavity; this was actually very difficult to do.  Today, with this supporting the wall I was able to fully take down my earlier temporary repair and replace it with a square section steel support, which is now firmly cemented into the bricks piers at either end of the window.  There still remains some further work to do, our builders did not align the outside window aperture with the inside window aperture, so I am also having to make good the brickwork, without damaging its structural integrity; this can now be undertaken without risk as the wall is adequately supported about the new aperture. 
Today’s blip, of three rabbits was therefore taken from the kitchen, whilst conducting this work.

The extra picture shows the state of this kitchen window (one of three) as left by the builder and which are now being corrected by my work.  Apart from now matching the inner aperture to the outer, it only remains to finish this window area with plaster board etc..

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