On the way home

I woke up as per usual but then went back to sleep and slept in.  It was bliss!  I then took my sweet time getting myself ready and packed to begin the trip home.

Kent got back from his training about 11am and we went to The Cheesecake Factory for lunch.  We shared an entree and then shared a slice of Chocolate Hazelnut Cheesecake, their latest and greatest favour.  It was very good but very rich.

We then had to drive home via Fayetteville as Kent needed to pay a visit to a solar sight out that way.  They are now using sheep at the sight to keep the grass under control. It was nice to see sheep grazing here.

Being so close, we then went to Elizabethtown so we could stop at Burney's and get some cream cheese croissants for both Runyon & Jim.  This meant going home from there we went past White Lake.  I was thinking how it was ideal weather today for floating out on the lake.

We have been home a few hours now and Kent has been doing our laundry from the trip and we have just put the last of it away.  So glad this trip wasn't as eventful as the Charlotte one!  

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