Amazing! I am seeing our lanai take shape

Finally, the demolition and carpentry crew started work today. Phew! They removed a section of the original roof first so they will be able to built the new Lanai ceiling a foot taller. Then we can have ceiling fans installed and the lanai will match the ceiling height of our home. A lot of sawing & nail gun action but they did get a lot accomplished today. I am so happy to see this taking shape!! 

I am also tired as my new computer came today! Steve is helping me a lot by copying my files/installing them and I am doing the work of re-installing the programs I use. My new computer could not be more different than my old one. I had a small lightweight 13" Lenovo Yoga Laptop that just became too small a screen for me (no jokes about getting older!!). I did not carry it around as I thought I would. Now I have gone with a 26" all-in-one computer/monitor. Wow, is this screen huge! So I have to figure it all out, but so far so good.

There is one more blip, a painting I revived yesterday

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