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By creativelenna

more marks in my pocket!

My small pocket Journal (approx. 5" tall x 4" wide) has had 8 days of art marks added so far and I am loving it. I created this journal in an online class specifically so I could fill the pages with marks, as a challenge. I was inspired to do this by my friend Friedaquilter -she has a way of inspiring me!! Frieda is the reason why I ever found my way to blipfoto in the first place and I am grateful to be in her world.

In 2014, after about 10 years of correspondence, I went to visit Frieda for a week where she lives, in Scotland. She was having a large exhibit of her work at the time: 52 Journal Quilts. (link will take you to my blip entry for that day!) 
It was an amazing experience, and I am so honored she could take me to her show! Frieda also took me to Jupiter Artland. This is a most interesting art venue with art installations outside as well as in Galleries. I had never visited a place quite like this before and my day there with Frieda still stays with me. This link will give you an introduction to Jupiter Artland and you can view a map, that is the same as the one I used above on the left hand page of my pocket journal!! 

On the right side of my journal I added a small photo in the middle of the page that is one of Frieda walking through the Coppice Room at Jupiter Artland in 2014. This is a somewhat hidden installation by one of my favorite artists, Andy Goldworthy. Rivers and Tides is a great documentary about him if you are interested in Land Art. The photo I added of the Coppice Room is so small, because the journal is small, and you cannot see Frieda hidden by the darkness of the tree trunks in the dimly lit room . . . but she is there. :o) 

I marvel how I can lay my hands on these small mementos, maps and other pieces of memory-inducing items, when I do not even plan to add them to my art. It simply happens - I love it! I have taken to adding all of the pages of my pocket journal to my website, for preservation if you are interested . . . 

Thanks for listening to my story that I needed to tell, for myself!! 

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