Flower .......

 ............... Friday30  (FF30)

Yay!  Posted on the day - I've kind of caught up!!

Following on from yesterday's load of bullocks today has been better.

The second recovery vehicle arrived at 09.15 and took me and my poorly car up to the dealership in Boston (UK), they gave me a brand new Mercedes E Class to use while mine is in surgery ..... then just five minutes ago (17.20) they called to say my car is all mended and healthy again!  Didn't get much use out of the luxurious E class but never mind.

Picking it up tomorrow on the way to having my hair cut.

Tomorrow I also hope to be sprinkling Hearts and Honourable Mentions for FlowerFriday23 ............

Next Friday (FF7) the "twist" will be back - I have decided to just add the 'twist' on the first Friday of every month (to be honest it's getting harder and harder to think of usable twist subjects) ..... I will announce what it is each previous Sunday (with a reminder through the week) and also try and remember to pop it in the "challenges" area of blip.

My photo today is one of a cream rose that came with some lilies from my favourite florists (Tesco - other florists are available) - bought last Saturday afternoon and still going strong.  

Am a smiling bear once again .............

~ Anni ~

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