Semington (Sunday 2nd October 2016)

It was warm enough to be sitting outside in the sunshine at my friend C's in Melksham on Sunday, in contrast to Saturday's rain and low temperatures. I had yet to do my walk but was discouraged from leaving by Carrie on my camera bag, showing a distinct lack of interest in being dislodged.

Eventually I drove on the short distance to Semington, which is on the Kennet and Avon (and indeed is also where the old Wilts and Berks canal used to flow into it). The low Autumn light gave everything a golden glow and several boaters were relaxing on deck or sitting on chairs beside the towpath and I chatted to several of them. I'd been photographing one canal cat when its owner nearby who'd seen me asked whether I liked it. I said I did and asked the cat's name, and was told Banksy, not after the graffiti artist but because he was born on a canal bank.

I was using two cameras, the K-1 with a 55-300mm lens, and my yellow K-50 Pentax with the 12-24mm lens but when I got home I found that all the ones taken with the wide-angle were heavily under-exposed. The settings were not to blame and it seems the camera had suddenly developed a fault. Some of the images were rescued in post-processing, although looking rather grainy, and I rather liked the effect on some, such as this blip, taken at the end of my walk from a bench,  before I walked back.

I would rather the effect had been achieved deliberately, though, by setting the compensation dial to about -4. I bought the camera just under two years ago so am hoping to claim for repairs under warranty.

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