The Way of Colour

By Beachcomber149

Textured Scrape

17C with a thin cloud layer. Feeling cooler again.

Different sort of Sunday forced upon us by Apothecary7's discovery of a flat tyre (a metal object had stuck right through) when she left work yesterday evening. As she was due to drive to see her mum today (round trip approaching 200 miles ... not to be done on a space saver spare tyre!) we had to try to find somewhere to get a new tyre fitted this morning. Some planning last night and a couple of calls today got possible solution in place and Apothecary7 has set off with tyre fitting her first stop, then her journey to her mums.

Maeve the Deerhound and I, left to our own devices, just slipped into our usual routine and went for a walk. Can't say I noticed much of what was going on as my mind was elsewhere.

The blip is of some damage done to the hull of the little rowing boat that provided yesterday's "whale" :-)
I liked the colours and the textures, although I am sorry to see it has been damaged so much.

Later there will be consumption of an Empire biscuit ... with pink icing and 'hundreds and thousands' :-)

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