Tractor Tuesday - British Winter

Farmer Franz out on his Basildon, UK built New Holland T6020 sowing winter wheat. In the background our parish capital village, Sontheim. When our village was merged in to the parish during a round of boundary reforms in the 70' there followed decades of court actions (up to Bavarian Supreme Court) trying to get us back in the Ottobeuren district. All failed and no right for a referendum.

There is still a hint of them and us, so parallels the UK in those 40 years! After a quick chat went for our walk along the railway track between Sontheim and the forage drying unit with their three JCBs - an example of which as an extra photo, showing it going off the track! I just wonder if JCB leaving the CBI today is a mature way of dealing with problems. Why is it not possible to be in a "club" and sensibly debate to get things changed? CBI. Brexit, Labour Party, Conservative Party, UKIP!! Party. As soon as one questions anything, one is damned.

Much more important issues such as dealing with the German diesel CO² emission scandal. Another extra photo shows a German Deutz adding to the problems. I guess in fact our area is one of the most polluted in Europe - we have the highest cow to person ratio in Germany and with a cow producing up to 500 litres of methane gas a day, we ought to have a total smoking ban - the place could go up in smoke at any time.

Well that was three tractors on one day and I will do my best to refrain for a few days. I ought to be catching up on comments and replies but somehow not finding the time right now - sorry (sincerely not a Trump sorry)

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