Ada Lovelace Day 2016

It's Ada Lovelace Day today when we celebrate women in science, technology, engineering and maths. I helped organise a special evening lecture to mark the day at my university. We welcomed Professor Caroline Wilkinson on campus to give a talk about her varied career, and how it has combined science with a number of disciplines including art, forensics, computing and anatomy.

Caroline's second from the left in my blip - the one with blonde hair. You may recognise her from television appearances on programmes such as Meet the ancestors and History cold case. The other two in my photo are my colleagues Sandra and Allison.

The other excitement of the day was the arrival of my Canadian collaborator Brian (as seen before on Blipfoto on 10th November last year). Brian is spending a couple of days here in Edinburgh before we both head off together to Denmark for a conference.

Exercise today: minimal walking (5,108 steps).

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