What did I see today...?

By DaveR

Edfest Day One: Watching the Lightning

Sunday! And off to Edinburgh for the festival, although not a great deal of festivalling was done on Day 1.

Stef and myself left the house to pick up Emma and meet Mark at the station and then it was up north on the midday train. A bit of a delay and a normal trip later we were up in Scotland and checking into the hostel in time for some dinner - and then it was off to the BBC @ Potterow and the big screen to watch for some lightning.

Yes, the first day was all about watching Usain Bolt once again tear up the track, not just defending his 100m record but absolutely putting it beyond the reach of everyone else. Also brilliant to watch was the reaction of Colin Jackson as he (and everyone else) watched Bolt surge through from a rocky start.

In any case, few photos were taken on Day 1 but I quite like this crowd shot in the run up to the final. About 9:15 there were only ten people watching the screen, but a few minutes before it seemed most of Edinburgh had crammed into the garden to watch a bit of history.

More Edfest back-Blips to come...

And here's Sunday's 'aftermath'... off now to catch up with a few other folk's weeks!

Edited to say I've caught up with 33 of the journals I'm subscribed to, everyone else I'll be with you tomorrow - bed beckons!

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