Three years at Glenfinnan Viaduct

This was really the film location on my van adventure that inspired me the most so I planned it for today on purpose. I'm rather fond of Harry Potter. Somehow it passed me by that he was going to be a wizard when I started the book so I read the first few pages with increasing childish delight at the revelation. The films, I thought were superb.

I love the highlands and the view I'd seen looked magnificent. It didn't disappoint.  

We were up at 6 again with the intention of being away at 6.15 for breakfast and tea in the car park 45 minutes away. Well, I wasn't far behind that but the moon reflecting on the loch as I opened the blinds took my breath away so I had to record the feeling on camera. 

And that's what Blip is really about for me, I've concluded. I lean towards choosing  a photo of a moment in the day that made me smile, usually outdoors and often with nature and wildlife. When I look back on that photo, the feeling comes back and it tends to make me smile all over again. I'm a simple girl!

The journey there was super in the moonlight as was seeing a deer scampering into the hedgerows.  Walking to the viewpoint, the rims of the clouds were tinged with pink. No one was around for the almost three hours we were there despite the magnificent weather.  I took a few photos but then sat down with my arm round Little Dog, sitting cosily in her jumper and jacket. She had her nose to the hills behind and I, my ears, for the deer were bellowing up above which made the whole experience quite emotional - I've never heard them before. A couple of buzzards mewing as they circled above topped it off. 

Visiting the Harry Potter viaduct was simply a place to feel in the hills without really being in them at all.  

I do still seem to be firmly on the Blip tracks and unable to get off.  I'm a second class commenter now, I'm afraid, but I do still thoroughly enjoy browsing a wide variety of journals and I place significant value in the first class efforts everyone has gone to to keep this train going.  I certainly wouldn't want it to run out of steam now.

And me? I'll just keep chugging along. 


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