Red Deer

We were staying near Tatton Park and we decided to go there today to see what we could find.  What we didn't expect was that the park was full of deer, and it was rutting season - cue lots of males bellowing and herding their hareem.  We'd been warned to stay away from the deer so we kept our distance - zoom lenses came in handy.

It started to rain just before lunch, but we managed to dodge the showers by hiding under trees.  That is, we did until we got near the car when the heavens opened.  We ran!

We spent the afternoon in the formal gardens before making our way through to our hotel.

Things we learned today:
* Tatton Park is full of Roald Dahl stuff, but we're not sure if there is any connection.
* Bellowing male red deer sound like a scrambler bike.
* The maze at Tatton park is the same as the one at Hampton Court

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